• a universe of natural delight

  • a universe of natural delight



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waffle sandwich!


Happy New Year 2018

The collective of TM “Chocoboom”

congratulates compatriots with

New Year

About the company


ТМ “CHOCOBOOM” assortment is represented by sweets, wafer sweets, wafer weight, packaged products and semi-finished goods…


ТМ «CHOCOBOOM» is the custodian of ancient Galician traditions in confectionary manufacturing.

Our advantages

The prescriptions with natural ingredients

The wide export geography

The experience of nutritional technologies leading specialist

Mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners

success standards

Quality standards

The production is fabricated according to:

  • Ukrainian quality standards DSTY;
  • International quality standards ISO 9001 і 22000.

Double quality control:

  • internal laboratory control;
  • State Sanitary and Epidemiological Station supervision.

The production is fabricated according to: