Payment at the online store CHOCOBOOM is made by the following methods:


                                            1. Cash payment:

At self-transport from CHOCOBOOM store on the Str. V.Velykogo 24  (opposite McDonald's).

Upon receipt of the product at the Nova Poshta post office *.

Upon receipt of the product by courier delivery by Nova Poshta **.

* You pay extra 2% + 20 UAH commission for Nova Poshta carrier for cash return delivery service.

** Provided that the order amount does not exceed 14,000 UAH.


                                            2. Payment by Visa / Mastercard:

Upon receipt of the product in the Nova Poshta post office *.

At the online store when placing an order in the "basket" using the Liq Pay service.

* Available at selected post offices of Nova Poshta.

                                            3. Cashless payment:

At the cash desk of any bank.

From an organization's settlement account *.

for legal entities we provide a package of all necessary documents.


Delivery at CHOCOBOOM Online Store:

Free home delivery:
- when ordering products for more than 600 UAH.

Free delivery to the post office:
- when ordering products for more than 400 UAH;
- when ordering from 1 mini-box of sweets;

                                            1. To the Chocoboom store

The delivery of the product you ordered on the site to the CHOCOBOOM store is free.

You need to place an order on the site:

Through the "basket", "in one click", or by calling: +380932333674.

CHOCOBOOM online store worker will reserve the products you have ordered in the chosen store.

(or arrange for delivery of the order and notify the terms in case of no chosen products in the store).


                                            2. To the Nova Poshta post office

Shipping cost - according to the carrier's tariffs.

Delivery time by Nova Poshta in Ukraine 1-3 days.

When you place your order, you will receive a consignment note number (CNN).

You can check the location of the product on the site of Nova Poshta.

In order to receive an order, you must have an ID document.

Upon receipt of the product at the carrier's office, be sure to check the picking and integrity of the product.


                                            3. Address delivery by Nova Poshta courier

For your convenience, you can get your order by courier delivery in a convenient place for you!

For more information, please call our hotline: +380932333674