Plast is a national scout organization of Ukraine whose purpose is comprehensive education of Ukrainian youth. It is an organization that, in our view, fulfills an important mission for our country and therefore deserves support.

Сhoсoboom has sponsored many plast`s events, mainly in the sport direction, which were organized in Lviv by “Xmelnychenky” and “Spartanky”:

-Lviv Spartakiada 2019. It is a sports event among the Plast scouts of Lviv. Many children of different ages participated in the event, who displayed extraordinary abilities for such sports: football, volleyball, basketball, and handball. We were very pleased to award the winners with our sweets.

-One of the training series “Spartan Games: American Football” in Lviv. Training, the direction of which was very unusual and new for Ukrainian sports, and therefore very interesting and exciting for children.

-Sports and interactive camp “KVEST 2019”. A two-week formation camp, which took place in the Carpathians and was aimed at the physical and intellectual education of 50 participants aged 14 to 18 years. «The «KVEST» camp is a sports one, so we just need a charge of energy in the form of sweet nourishment after heavy physical activity – «Chocoboom» helps us greatly in that,» the camp commander notes.

It was a pleasure for us to work with the plast scouts and invest in the future of our youth!