Great news!

One of our dreams came true - Chocoboom entered the Forbes list of 250 most promising small and medium-sized companies🎉

The Forbes list of 250 Most Promising Small and Medium-Sized Companies showcases businesses with exceptional potential for future growth, innovation and impact. The inclusion of Chocoboom in this exclusive group is very motivating and highlights that palm oil and trans fat free candies have great potential.

Thanks to our team, which constantly strives for perfection. Experience and unwavering commitment to our company's purpose have been instrumental in the growth and success of Chocoboom. We also thank our customers and partners for their trust and support, which have been and continue to be important on our journey.

This recognition reinforces our motivation to push boundaries, new horizons and continue to make exceptional candies for our customers.

"For the hoped-for happiness to come to earth, a lot of work is needed."
M. Kotsyubynskyi

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