Plast representatives handed over the Bethlehem Peace Fire to Chocoboom company!

"Bethlehem Fire of Peace" is a symbol of goodness, peace, harmony, warmth and love for people and the world! As early as the twelfth century, a participant in the Crusades brought home the Fire of Bethlehem as a gift for his family and loved ones, as a symbol of the greatest good.

In Ukraine, the Bethlehem Fire of Peace has been spread by Plast members for many years. They transport the Fire by train, bus, car or bicycle to each area of Ukraine. They distribute it to churches, schools, hospitals, orphanages and government agencies. That everyone, especially those who are far from their homes at Christmas, feel the warmth of the Star of Bethlehem.

Our company welcomed the idea and symbolism of the Bethlehem Fire and we hope that for many the Fire will be part of the Christmas celebration.

We thank our Plast members for the sincere and good work they do, for this tradition and for its preservation.